Spherical silica Labiospher PSI

Liquid chromatography sorbents - Spherical silica Labiospher PSI

Labio manufactures spherical silica sorbents LABIOSPHER PSI (former Biospher PSI) using technology based on colloid SiO2. Ready made silica particles are heated to the temperature 500 °C to remove all remaining organic impurities and improve mechanical stability. Subsequent acidic treatment and high quality destilled water washing is to remove the remaining ionic substances.

LABIOSPHER PSI 100 is an universal sorbent for all applications and modifications. Its parameters (surface area 300 m2/g, pore diameter 100 A) makes it comparable with most other manufacturers products.

LABIOSPHER PSI 200 k´factors are a bit lower. Its destination is (due relatively large pore diameter 200 A) chromatography of peptides (in C18 form) and other medium molecular weight compounds.

LABIOSPHER PSI sorbents do not contain micropores. Internal pore volume is optimal to attain the highest possible chemical and pressure resistance and allow the access to all surface.

PSI C18, C8 and C4 are the most popular sorbents for reverse phase chromatography with bonded octadecyl, octyl or butyl groups. All sorbents are produced by a two-stage reaction with endcapping, and are usedfor chromatography of components containing basic or acidic groups. Reverse phase sorbents can be used in pH range 1,5 - 10,5.

PSI NH2 coded sorbents contain chemically bonded aminopropyl groups. They are determined for chromatography of carbohydrates in water - acetonitrile mixtures, but can be used in chromatography with nonpolar mobile phases as well. PSI CN phase is a polar sorbent containing chemically bonded cyanoethyl groups, which exhibit more reversible sorption then pure silica. Similar use has OH type with bonded diol groups (hydrolyzed glycidoxypropylsilane).

All LABIOSPHER PSI sorbents are delivered in a broad range of particle sizes as narrow fractions (d90/d10 < 1,8 - 2,0).