ASAM L40 autosample

HPLC analysers - ASAM L40 autosampler

This autosampler was designed specially for CHROM L10, but can be used with other manuifacturer systems too. It comprises of an electronic unit, injecting unit and loop injector. The electronic unit, installed in a separate box attached to the side of a CHROM L10. It contains two line display, keyboard and generators which power all motors of the dosing system. Programmed can be the sequence of sample vials, analysis time and the method of cleaning (rinsing) the syringe before and after injection. Own dosing system consists of a platform to which is attached a carousel with samples. The carrousel has a hole for the dosing syringe to reach an an loop injector port.

The injection block ncludes a 0,5 ml syringe, a step motor which moves the body of the syringe in the vertical direction during suction, rinsing and injection, next step motor for the syringe piston movement and a sample carrousel motor (40 rubbercapped vials, volume 1 ml each). Carrousel is made of polypropylene with stainless steel deck.

The sampling syringe (after being flushed) sucks in the required volume of the sample, then is lifted and the carrousel turned to a position where the passage hole is above the loop injector port. The syringe then descents to the bottom position and the liquid is inserted into the injector loop. This is immediately followed by a injector rotor position change to insert the loop into mobile phase line and a signal which starts the chromatograph programme and a chromatostation (injector ASAM L40 is fully compatible with CLARITY Dataapex data station). The loop injector is coming back to the initial position after 30 s. The syringe is flushed by a mobile phase from autosampler reservoir in the meantime. The last portion of cleaning phase is injected into the loop to clean it too.