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The Prague based Labio a.s. has a 24 year history active in the production of analytical chemistry technology systems, preparative chromatographic columns and highly specialized testing equipment. The company has been developed by a group of leading engineers and designers from the Czechoslovakian analytical industry conglomerate.

The Company is currently active in the fields of:

  • Industrial preparative HPLC pumps and column systems.
  • Emission testing chambers, climatic and incubation chambers for a wide range of applications.
  • Specialized gas chromatography solutions for academia, food, chemical and petrochemical industries.

The principal feature of Labio a.s. is represented by its competence in delivering a broad range of customized technical solutions able to solve specific customer needs in a wide array of fields. We base our ability on our multi decade experience in the development and manufacturing of preparative, analytical and laboratory technical products.

As an proprietary Labio a.s. innovation, building on our 24 years of experience in the field of analytical chemistry technology we have developed the CHROM GC UV analytical system.

The patented CHROM GC UV offers a combination of mobility, automation, speed of analysis, ease of use and precision which are by a wide range unmatched by any existing analytical technology product. The CHROM GC UV system currently represents the only truly cost effective, remotely operated and precise solution for high throughput mobile testing.

The principal investor of the Labio Group is represented by T.K. Boesen Holding ApS, the first company of the TKB Group established in 1977. The Group today consists of several companies, all controlled by the founder Thomas K. Boesen. Ship owning and ship operating are the major activities carried out in T.K.B. Shipping A/S. The Group is also involved in Real Estate, Furniture production and sales, as well as a host of different venture companies.

Business name: LABIO a.s.

Registered office: U Prioru 1/804, 161 00 Prague 6, Czech Republic

Phone +420 235360074, fax +420 235363723

Legal form: joint-stock company

Board of Directors: Per Brannhammar

Supervisory Board: Thomas K. Boesen

Employees: 20 in total, 7 with university degree

Contact persons  

Ing. Vladimir Bazant, Managing Director

phone +420 603570456

mail (remove XX) bazant XX @labio XX .com

Int. Sales Manager

phone +420235358044

mail (remove XX) sales XX @labio XX .com

Miroslav Podolak, Chief Designer

phone +420 737733083

mail (remove XX) podolak XX @labio XX .cz">(remove XX) podolak XX @labio XX .cz