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About company

LABIO a.s.

Prague based Labio a.s. has been active for 24 years in the production of analytical chemistry technology systems, preparative chromatographic columns and highly specialized testing equipment.

Currently, Labio a.s. is primarily focused in the manufacturing of preparative HPLC pumps, columns + DAC stands, gas and liquid chromatographs, emission testing chamber, climatic testing chambers and a large range of custom made laboratory and analytical equipment.

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Product Catalogue

  • Gas chromatographs & autsamplers
  • HPLC analysers
  • Liquid chromatography pumps
  • HPLC and LC columns
  • Liquid chromatography sorbents
  • LC detectors and monitors
  • Injectors, collectors, mixers, valves
  • Laboratory technique

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Tailor made products

Labio a.s. has a team of talented designers, engineers and technicians able to identify the optimal technical solution through tailor made products, blending know-how from a wide range of precision engineering fields:

  • Emissions Testing Chambers;
  • Climatic Testing Chambers for Biotechnology Process Control
  • Specialised Preparative HPLC Systems, Columns and Pumps
  • Analytical Solutions for the Food and Beverage Industry
  • Specialised Gas and Liquid Chromatography Solutions

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News & Innovations

The patented proprietary technology CHROM GC UV system offers a combination of mobility, automation, speed of analysis, ease of use and precision which are by a wide range unmatched by any existing analytical technology product.

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  • Labio a.s. moved to the new address: U Prioru st. 1/804, 161 00 Prague 6, Czech republic.
  • Thanks to the cooperation with Czech Trade organization Labio took part in Analytica Anacon India

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